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Tales of a Thirsty Swamp

by Don't You Like Dead Musicians

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Cosmic Drip 02:33
Desperado 04:24
Reflections 08:34
Child 03:30
Resistenza! 05:41


Arranged, recorded and produced by Don´t You Like Dead Musicians 2015/16
Mastering by RoyDeRats, Cover Artwork by EvilMrSod/RockAttitudeDesign

© 2016 Roggero/Martin/Kern

Matteo Roggero – Double Bass and Bows, Nylon String Guitar (Track 11)
Johannes Martin – Drums & Percussion, Vocals, Guitar (Track 8)
Flo Kern – Vocals, Dobro, Weißenborn, Electric Guitar

Our dear guests:
Adrian Krug – Blues Harp (Track 12)
Maria Schüritz – Vocals (Track 11 & 12)


Sincere gratitude to: Family Martin, Franzi & Isabella, Jule Nora & Milan, Maria, Adrian, Pablo aka EvilMrSod, Charles RoyDeRats


released August 10, 2016

Peace Of Mind
(music Roggero/Martin/Kern)

Spot Of The World
(words/music Flo Kern)
Listen People cause i’m tryin’ to explain How i’m searchin’ for the perfect flow Runnin’ after lucid feelings
I want the essence of the air clean up the waste of all this wicked thoughts
And i don’t wanna see the days die right in front of my eyes
Rather get pushed down by the wind instead of bowin’ my head stayin’ blind
And everything we run for is transient No escape from its part in time
So i’m strivin’ for the purity of action To stay on the movin’ axis of the spot of the world
And i don’t wanna see the days die right in front of my eyes

Temptation Of A Wild Heart Life
(words/music Flo Kern)
They made plans to break away She stuffed some clothes in an old worn case
Her mother cried when she pulled the door behind Temptation of a wild heart life
They wanted to meet two miles down the road Under the willow right by the creek
She waited till the darkness was soaked with rain Temptation of a wild heart life
Trees were still grey when he stepped out at dawn He thought nobody saw him pacin’ the shrouded streets
His way led him through a cypress grove Temptation of a wild heart life
There was a crack and he felt pain An evil grin hoverin’ over him
Sun behind a cloud in the corner of his eye Temptation of a wild heart life

(music Matteo Roggero)
Good things happen when you don’t feel like working.

Cosmic Drip
(music Roggero/Martin/Kern)

(music Roggero/Martin/Kern)
Sometimes there is just one possible trail - but you gotta go all the way

(words/music Flo Kern)
See reflections of the sun Waves coverin’ all the sound
Sparks under water Stones on the ground
Now i bend like grass Now i fly like the sand
Oh lord can’t you see all the people on their knees

(words/music Johannes Martin)
Child, how do you feel? Child, what’s going on? Are you happy are you lonesome, Playing gamblingcards with someone in your realm?
Child, whom your eyes pointed to? Child, do you remember on? These days fulfilled with pretty goods Carefree jumping through the wood and still get back home.
Child, sounds good to hear your voice! Child, don’t stop talking to me! Stay aware about your wishes, joy of life is no superstition It’s real right here!
Child, happy birthday to you! Never be blind, your love is waiting true! When you feeling blue don’t be scared about this mood, new strength is coming over you Your life’s in bloom all sings set the clue: It’s time for the lucky view!

Thirsty Swamp
(music Roggero/Martin/Kern)
All over the world alluvial forests are drying out - certainly the beginning of an end

(music Matteo Roggero)
Fascism is the new thing. Hate speeches, xenophobia, homophobia, chauvinism, racism are out in the open and getting stronger by the minute. Here is one for those walls that never became homes because some people are apparently not welcome.

Temptation Reprise
(words/music Flo Kern)
I started to walk when I was drenched to the skin The moon shone like diamonds through the tears in my eyes
First time in my life I was all alone Temptation of a wild heart life
The whole night i forced my legs Then the first rays of the sun danced in the morning dew
I had never seen so much beauty before Temptation of a wild heart life

Throw Your Hammer
(words/music Flo Kern)
Don’t tell me to be proud of my country To show some national identity
How could i identify When racism still exists nearby
Don’t tell me about equality When deportation is reality
Everybody’s talkin’ about integration When a refugee is still seen as the burden of a nation
What if you throw your hammer – it’s coming back to you
What is the point of human revolt When it’s just a line of attack of the same old devil
You can’t hide away from responsibility ’Cause everything you do you’re doin to me
What if you throw your hammer

Spot Of The Moon
(music Roggero/Martin/Kern)


all rights reserved



Don't You Like Dead Musicians Leipzig, Germany

Three young musicians from the Leipzig independent scene team up for an acoustic journey through these very troubled times. Sailing through soul-searching waters, wandering through the masses, wood, strings and brushes dance the dance of time.

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